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Reina Tanaka’s “Letter To Tsunku♂”

On the April 27 (Sun) broadcast of the radio program “Yuucho LETTER for LINKS” (Sundays 3PM ~ 3:30PM), airing on 38 JFN stations including TOKYO FM, vocalist for LoVendoЯ, Reina Tanaka, read a letter addressed to Tsunku♂, her former teacher.

The program features actress Michiko Haneda who reads out “letters written to important people” written by big-name figures in various fields. This time’s letter written by Reina Tanaka should paint an objective, down-to-earth story when read out loud by Handa’s warm voice.

Tanaka, who has continued to keep in touch with Tsunku♂ everyday via e-mail since leaving Morning Musume。has written down in words for the first time, her true feelings towards Tsunku♂ that could not have been revealed before. Below is an excerpt from the letter:

  ◆  ◆  ◆

“My strong personality and the inability to compromise have always led to my making many enemies. Even at times when I couldn’t be honest and I couldn’t get along with the people around me, Tsunku♂, you would always find out about it and give me a call. I was able to gradually open up to you, making it possible for me to talk about things that I wouldn’t talk about to anyone else.”

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“Yuucho LETTER for LINKS” Program Homepage

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