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X JAPAN's Worldwide Best Album Release

X JAPAN will hold a live performance at Madison Square Garden in the US, and they will release their first ever best album, "THE WORLD~X JAPAN Hatsu no Zensekai Best~" on June 17.


The best album will be released in 2014, which is the twenty-fifth anniversary of X JAPAN's major debut in 1989. X JAPAN's famous songs will be released in remastered versions, and a live version of "Without you," which was written for HIDE, will also be released in CD version for the first time.

The first-press limited edition of the album will include a World Tour Trailer DVD that features footage from the 2009-2011 world tour. X JAPAN took the world by storm with their world tour, and that excitement and energy of audiences all over the world, as well as the band's enthusiastic performances in each country, will be documented on the DVD so viewers can feel those emotions for themselves. The different performances the band gave in each country are also a highlight of the DVD.

Prior to the release of the best album, one portion of the CD entitled "X JAPAN WORLD BEST" will be available on iTunes in 111 countries beginning on May 21.

YOSHIKI is currently holding a world tour entitled "Yoshiki Classical World Tour," which features thirteen performances in ten different countries. Beginning in Costa Mesa, California on April 25, the large-scale tour also features performances in San Francisco, Mexico, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, Shanghai, Bejing, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, and Osaka. The piano, strings, and guest vocals create a solemn atmosphere that dazzles fans, and YOSHIKI is also performing "Hero," the theme song to "SAINT SEIYA LEGEND of SANCTUARY," for the first time live.

SUGIZO appeared as a surprise guest at the April 25 performance in Costa Mesa, and Toshl appeared at the April 28 performance in San Francisco. Among the excited cheers at the big surprise, they performed X JAPAN's "tears," the performance ending to a round of loud cheers.

As though to build on this excitement, X JAPAN has now announced that they will perform at Madison Square Garden.

"I'm going around the world with the 'Yoshiki Classical World Tour,' but X JAPAN will also soundly move forward while overcoming various difficulties. Performing live at Madison Square Garden has been a dream for many years, so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm doing solo activities, but I'm also actively doing things as X JAPAN's leader, so please support us."--YOSHIKI

"I'm looking forward to being able to see everyone in New York!"--Toshl

"I'm looking forward to be able to perform on the yearned-for stage at MSG!"--PATA

"I'm very excited that we will be performing at MSG, which has been a dream of mine since I started doing bands. I'll do my best to give a concert on October 11 that creates new history for X JAPAN and goes down in the history of rock."--HEATH

"I will give my best when I take on the New York performance, which is an important first step in the renewed activities of X JAPAN. I want fans from all over the world to gather together. From the bottom of my heart, I'm looking forward to being able to see everyone again."--SUGIZO

"Congratulations on your performance at Madison Square Garden in N.Y. Of course, HIDE will also be standing onstage with a huge smile. Please continue on forever, along with fans all over the world, as the invincible X JAPAN. ever free."--HEADWAX ORGANIZATION CO.,LTD.Hiroshi Matsumoto

4/25 [USA] Costa Mesa/Segerstrom Center for the Arts
4/28 [USA] San Francisco/Davies Hall
5/3 [Mexico] Mexico City/Auditorium Blackberry
5/21 [Russia] Moscow/Cocus City Hall
5/23 [Germany] Berlin/Tempodrom
5/26 [France] Paris/Trianon
5/29 [England] London/Royal Festival Hall
6/6 [China] Shanghai/Oriental Arts
6/8 [China] Beijing/Beijing Exhibition Center
6/10 [Thailand] Bangkok/Royal Jubilee Hall
6/13 [Taiwan] Taipei NK101 Taipei
6/16 [Japan] Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
6/17 [Japan] The Symphony Hall, Osaka

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