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MUCC Announce Concert Dates For <SIX NINE WARS -Bokurano Nanakagetsukan Sensou-> In August + New Song Music Video Released

MUCC is currently amidst their biggest tour to date, <SIX NIN WARS -Bokurano Nanakagetsukan Sensou->. The nine-show August schedule for this seven-month-long project has now been revealed.

“ENDER ENDER” Music Video Short Ver.

The live concert series, named <Episode 6. “ARMAGREDDON”>, will be held at live-concert-hall-size venues beginning with the show at Zepp Nagoya on August 6, and ending with a show at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on August 28. Although it has already been announced that each show for this series would feature a guest act, the artists to be featured is yet to be announced. Stayed tuned for follow-ups.

The short version music video for the new single released on May 28, “ENDER ENDER”, has been released on YouTube. The video was directed by Daishin Suzuki, a visual director best known for his works with various rock bands including Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas and ONE OK ROCK. The entire video is comprised of scenes of the band playing their instruments, which amplifies the in-you-face style of MUCC’s artistic expression, and adds to the industrial but decadent atmosphere of the song. Portion of MUCC’s unique lyrics appear as synthesized CG, adding to the appeal. Check it out.

“ENDER ENDER” is announced to be the opening track for the May broadcasts of TV Asahi’s national broadcast “BREAKOUT”.

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