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[Interview] Sukekiyo’s first album, “IMMORTALIS”. A long interview that reveals the five members’ deepest thoughts. (Part 3)

“IMMORTALIS”, the first album by DIR EN GREY’s KYO’s new band, Sukekiyo, is getting a lot of attention. A lot of interest and curiosity have been growing about this album from the moment it was announced. The band is just now reaching the first peak of excitement and fervor. We arranged a long interview with all five members of the band in mid April. We hope you enjoy the comments that came about from this special meeting.

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■We wanted to make something good, regardless of genre or era
■We were able to package each individual member’s personality, songwriting skills, and weirdness (KYO)





――Please tell me about the album. First about the response and the present situation.

MIKA: If we were to make another album, I feel like it would be completely different. This album is an expression of our creativity at the moment. That’s how I feel about it. I want to improve myself. I was enlightened to a lot of things during this process. Looking back on it, there are a lot of elements going on, but it’s hard to describe it in one word. It was like we were jamming, but we were also constructing something at the same time. That’s how I felt about the process.

――It is a record of the recording process and the time you spent with each other. And the finished project is not really the ending point?

MIKA: Yes. At the same time, we learned a lot about KYO. I was very excited to hear the finished product.

UTA: It’s hard for me to describe it in one word as well. In a way, it seemed finished to me. It felt like I was ready to start the next project. Of course, I feel like we made the best thing possible at that moment. I am confident in the album, but in the end, it is a record of what happened at that moment in time.

――What would you say if somebody asked you, “You play in Sukekiyo? What kind of music is it?”

UTA: I’d probably say, “You’d have to listen to it for two to three days straight to understand it.” I think you have to listen to it all day to understand it. Honestly, I don't’ really know how to describe it yet. I’m bad at it. I always have been. Like I said earlier, this is the best of all of us at that moment. However, I don’t think that I am at that place any longer… In a way, I’m a bit afraid of what comes next. We have to make something even greater than this.

YUCHI: That’s right. I’m a bit out there (laugh). Part of me feels, “It’s already done?!” Up until now, making albums was so difficult. It always took so much time, physical energy, and mental energy… It was like I couldn’t see the end. This is the first time in my life that I felt like, “Wow, it’s already done?”

――I’m sure you put forth your best effort.

YUCHI: Yes. But I felt like I was able to have fun while doing it. I don’t have any memories of struggling. Upon hearing the songs first time from KYO and TAKUMI, I felt like the album was going to be timeless. It didn’t feel like a 21st century album or a 2014 album. It exists on its own. The Beatles and Pink Floyd had certain things like recording techniques, technology, and background that only existed in that era. Even with those era defining elements, you can listen to it now and it doesn’t sound “old”. I think this album is like that and is not tied to an era. Of course, each era has its own styles and fads that make you think, “Oh this song was popular back then.” There are a lot of those kinds of songs, but I feel like this album is not like that. Maybe I’m biased, but if I like something, I’ll listen to that same thing for years. I think we were able to make that kind of record.

TAKUMI: I was involved with it for a while, so of course I felt like, “Oh, we finally finished!” I couldn’t believe that we actually finished. There was a lot of time that went by since the initially conception phase. I realized that a lot of my blood was in the project. Of course, I am thinking about the next project. But right now, I am thinking about the performance and how we will perform the album live. We actually have songs that we still haven’t played together yet. Just like the title, “IMMORTALIS”, I feel like we made something that will never die. As YUCHI said earlier, I have very little interest in trends and fads. I want to listen to Bach and Mozart everyday (laughs). They haven’t faded in 200 to 300 years. That’s what I want to listen to first when I wake up in the morning. I truly believe that we were able to make an album that would stand the test of time like that. That’s why I don’t have any feelings about how we fit in 2014.

――I think it’s pretty unusual to bring up music from 300 years ago when talking about timelessness!

YUCHI: Hahaha!

TAKUMI: But that’s how it is (laughs). We are making full use of modern technology though. Like exchanging Pro Tools files. But I always feel the timelessness in my heart.

――In a way, you’ve made a classic album?

TAKUMI: Yes. It will last forever. This didn’t end here, but it will never change. I think it will remain the same forever.

――KYO, everybody is saying some amazing things.

KYO: You’re right (laughs). I really wanted to make something that had nothing to do with genre or era. I just wanted to make something good, and I think we’ve accomplished that. We were able to package each individual member’s personality, songwriting skills, and weirdness (laughs). They were all selected because they are weirdos (laughs).

――Do you all have this same thought?

MIKA: I think it’s a huge compliment (laughs).

TAKUMI: But it’s hard to tell because we are all weirdoes.

KYO: And we didn’t take years to make this record. It was like, “It’s already done?” That fact alone makes me think we’re weirdoes (laughs).

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Interview & text: Yuuichi Masuda

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