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Angelo will host <THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA>. 5 bands including RIZE and D'ESPAIRSRAY to perform

Angelo will host <-Angelo Presents- “THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA”> at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on July 29.

Angelo announced this event at their May 5, Akasaka BLITZ show of their <AWAKENING THE NEW VARIETIES> tour. They started <THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA> in 2012. This third volume of the event will feature five bands, including Angelo.

The first band, RIZE, puts on a tough live performance that makes it hard to believe they are a trio. They formed in 1997 and have built up their reputation as a Loud Rock/Mixture Band.

The second band, Lynch, has participated three times since the conception of the event. You can say they are a main staple. They will be supporting their latest album, “GALLOWS, which was released in April 2014.

The third band is Ken Lloyd’s solo project, FAKE?. Lloyd is also the vocalist for Oblivion Dust. In 2013, INORAN performed with the newly formed FAKE? at this event.

D’ESPAIRSRAY, who disbanded in 2011, will reunite for <THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA>. Angelo’s guitarist, Karyu, used to be in the band. It’s not clear if this reunion will be permanent or not.

This event looks like it will be even more exciting than the past events. It will be a night that crosses genres and generations. It was also announced that on July 30 and 31, Angelo will play “one-man” (no supporting act) concerts titled <INTER PLAY MEMBERS PRESENTS '14 [DOGMATIC PARTY case of Angelo]>

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