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[Live Report] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu At World Tour, Tokyo Concert: “3rd Album’s Release Has Been Confirmed”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu held her <KPP NANDA COLLECTION WORLD TOUR 2014>, Tokyo concert shows at Zepp Tokyo On May 17 & 18.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Enlarged Pictures

The venue is jam-packed with fans of all ages, including both children and adults, eagerly waiting for the show to begin wearing costume replicas from Kyary’s various music videos. The fans go wild as dancers appear on stage as the intro to “Nanda Collection” sounds. Immediately after that, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu finally makes her appearance on stage also.

Situated on the set designed to look like a girl’s bedroom are a big balloon with a bear on it, a polka-dotted bed, popcorn, a jack-in-the-box, and more. Apparently, the set is being shipped around the world to her various concert locations to be used for her world tour. After “Invader Invader”, along with the sound of drums and a big “Hai!”, the show proceeded to the next song, “Mi”.

“Hello! How are you? Are you having fun?”

As Kyary asks the audience, all 2,700 people replies actively. With all world tour shows being held at venues with approximate capacities of around 2,000, her show in Tokyo was decided to be held at Zepp Tokyo.

“Zepp is just right size! We can all unite as one! You will be forced to participate, so everyone, please have fun!”

As Kyary follows up with these words, the next song, “Family Party”, with a memorable robot dance, begins. Kyary begins dancing on a stage built on top of a hat-designed object during the all-participating, dance section, “Kyary ANAN”. Kyary, who has changed into a costume designed from the pajamas that she wears in the music video for “Mottai-Nightland”, grabs a duster for “Kurakura” and a stuffed bear for “Super Scooter Happy”, colorfully decorating the stage.

During the MC at around the mid-section of the show, Kyary expresses that, although the time differences and transportation for her world tour is indeed hard, she is having great fun, which she describes along with pictures she took at various places around the globe. In addition to pictures taken at a museum-like concert hall in Chicago from her first show, a night view shot of Niagara Falls from her concert in Canada, a shot of her and a model of a great white shark at an aquarium in Australia, Kyary shows pictures of food she had in Hong Kong along with background stories for each.

Following the graduation song “Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring” was “Tsukematsukeru”, one of her most popular songs, as can be seen with many fans dressed in costumes replicating that from the music video for said song. During this song, a video capturing scenes from her world tour shows held around the globe is introduced. A scene of Kyary in her dressing room practicing her MC’s in the various local languages is also shown.

As Kyary appears on stage dressed in black and fluorescent pink one-piece dress, the show approaches one of its climaxes. As the crowd warms up to her debut song “PONPONPON”, the show flows into the last song for the main portion of the show, “Fashion Monster”, which wraps things up elegantly.

As Kyary returns to stage, drawn by the relentless encore call, she announces, “I have an important announcement to make!” At this time, the words, “News Flash! 3rd Album To Be Released On July 9”, appears on the screen.

“My 3rd album is finally set to be released! The album’s title is “Pika Pika Fantajin”. It means, ‘a fantastic person!’”

Kyary announces for the first time, the release date of the new album and the title. Furthermore, another surprise announcement takes place: Kyary would be holding her very first arena tour. The tour is scheduled to feature nine shows in five cities, and will be held between October 18 and November 19. An estimate of 90,000 people is thought to attend. The itinerary includes a show at Makuhari Messe Event Hall, 2-days at Osaka-jo Hall, Nagoya Gaishi Hall, Marine Messe Fukuoka, and Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium.

In contrast to Kyary making a surprise announcement on the 2nd day of her shows in Tokyo, the first show saw the fans presenting her with a surprise present. All the fans there greeted her with a big “welcome back” with matching orange CYLEUM in their hands.

“What’s this! Thank you!”

Moved, Kyary took a commemoratory picture with the orange-filled audience. The encore section for both days saw surprises; first day from the audience to Kyary and vice versa for the second day.

The tune performed during the encore was her new song “Kira Kira Killer”, which will be released on June 11. The song title means, “a kira kira (shiny) killer”. Although the song is yet to be released, the catchy dance quickly elicited the fans to join in. The show came to a close with “Chan Chaka Chan Chan”, a farewell song with the message, “Let’s meet again”. As was announced at this concert, Kyary will be releasing her 3rd album “Pika Pika Fantajin” on July 9, followed by a national hall tour in September and her first-ever arena tour beginning Ocotber.


February 13 (Thur) Seattle / Showbox at the Market
February 15 (Sat) San Francisco / The Regency Ballroom
February 16 (Sun) LA / Club Nokia LA Live
March 5 (Wed) Chicago / House of Blues
March 7 (Fri) Toronto / Sound Academy
March 8 (Sat) NY / Best Buy Theater
March 23 (Sun) Sydney / Metro Theatre
April 5 (Sat) Hong Kong / ROTUNDA 3, KITEC
April 25 (Fri) Paris / Bataclan
April 27 (Sun) Kern / Gloria
April 29 (Tue) London / Shepherd’s Bush Empire
May 17 (Sat) Tokyo / ZEPP TOKYO
May 18 (Sun) Tokyo / ZEPP TOKYO
May 30 (Fri) Taipei / Taipei International Convention Center
June 21 (Sat) Singapore / To Be Announced
June 28 (Sat) Bangkok / Bangkok Convention Centre, Central Plaza Ladprao (BCC HALL)


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