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Kalafina release their first two best-of albums simultaneously

Kalafina will release their first two best of albums, “THE BEST ‘Red’” and “THE BEST ‘Blue’” at the same time.

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Kalafina has released 14 singles and five albums since their debut. The grand scale of their sound and their vocal harmonies have been used in anime series such as “GEKIJŌBAN SORANOKYŌKAI” and “MAHŌ SHŌJO MADOKA ☆ MAGICA”. There music has also been used on NHK programs such as “REKISHI HIWA HISUTORIA”. Both best-of albums contain 15 songs, including new songs written especially for the releases. Out of the 30 total songs, 18 of them are TV anime and movie theme songs.

Aside from the collaborative tracks, the albums will also include songs that are not singles, and songs that are concert favorites. The group values live performance, and the track list for both albums are set up much like concert set lists.

Kalafina stated, “These will be our first best-of albums. They show our musicality and how we have built up our three-part harmonies. We have included our past singles, our popular live songs, and new songs we wrote just for the albums. Please listen to both ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’!”

The girls have been popular not only in Japan, but overseas as well. Kalafina have actively been performing at overseas anime events since their debut, 14 shows in eight countries to be exact. On May 30 and 31 of 2014, they will perform at a two-day, one-off event in Hong Kong (sold in 10 minutes). Starting on July 3, they will also play at <JAPAN EXPO 2014> in France.

The packaged releases of Kalafina’s albums, singles, and videos are available in 14 countries worldwide. Their digital distribution is done mainly through iTunes in 39 counties across Europe, North America, and Asia. Kalafina want to re-introduce the world to their beautiful music and harmonies with these best-of albums.

A special website was launched on Tuesday, May 13 at noon to commemorate these best-of albums. There will also be special programs scheduled from July 14 to 16 on Niconico Live.

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