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<JAPAN NIGHT in TIMM>、Timetable disclosed

On October 23, Thursday, "JAPAN NIGHT in TIMM" disclosed its timetable to the public. VAMPS will be first batter up in the venue, then [Alexandros]takes the heat of the crowd to the next level, and finally Sakanaction takes the finish.

Details that have been decided are as follows:

"JAPAN NIGHT in TIMM Timebtable"
・18:30 - VAMPS
・19:25 - [Alexandros]
・20:20 - Sakanaction

"JAPAN NIGHT" is an event that spreads the power and beauty of Japanese music overseas, as well as connect all music lovers (both audience and artists) in a global scale. As various genres correspond with each other in the Japanese music scene, these three artists will definitely show their style to the world. It should be a good chance for each bands’ fans to relate to each other’s style of music. The memorable day when Japan proudly shares the world to their great music is very close.

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