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[Live report] Yoko Hikasa

Saturday, October 4 was a very nice autumn day at Hibiya Amphitheater. Yoko Hikasa’s , which celebrated the release of her first album “Couleur”, was launched on this day.

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The sun started to set, and it became a bit chilly at 6:00pm. Hikasa appeared on stage as scheduled in a white outfit. She opened the first half of her show at full force. As a cheering crowd welcomed her, she started the show off with the high energy of “ENVY DICE”, “Brighter day, and “Starting line”.

She briefly greeted the crowd and performed the mid-tempo tunes “Crazy you” and “Pollution”. The crowd cheered even more when she went into “YUMEI”, which was written and composed by HISASHI (GLAY) and has been a standout track on “Couleur”. She followed with “Rhythm Linkage” and “BALLOON”, which were both very popular on her 2013 collaborate album. She built up a gentle atmosphere with “OWARANAI TOKI”, the theme song to the movie “HARU”.

After she did a live arrangement of her fourth single, the digital rock tune “EX:FUTURIZE”, Hikasa changed into a black and blue suite and performed the lead track on her album “SHINSEKAI System”. The popular track brought what could be the highlight of the evening. She then sang “UTSUKUSHIKI ZANKOKU NO SEKAI”, the theme song to anime “Attack on Titan”, and hurled into the last portion of the concert.

She played upbeat tunes, “Reclusive”, “KAZE TO CHIRI, SORA NI MAI”, “Love My Melody”, and “Sleepy Hungry Minds” and hyped up the crowd. She finished off her set with the last track on the album, “FLOWERS”.

Encore cheers resonated in the Saturday night office park air of Hibiya. Hikasa came back out on stage and delivered “Glamorous days” and “Seek Diamonds” to the fans. For the second encore, she performed the hidden track off of the “Couleur” limited edition, titled “MIRUKU TEISHOKU”, for the first time. She also performed “Sleepy Hungry Minds”, which was requested by the fans.

Yoko Hikasa will play Osaka Orix Theater on October 25 (Saturday) and Zepp Tokyo on November 16 (Sunday).
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