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Sukima Switch to appear as guest treasure hunters for Osaka scavenger hunt game

A game event called will be held at Osaka Nakanoshima area on November 15. Sukima Switch will appear as guest treasure hunters.

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The event will take place around Dojima River, which runs through the middle of Osaka. Participants will unravel clues while looking for treasures near the river. The event, which is sponsored by FM802, will be broadcast live on location on DJ MARK’E’s “FM802 SATURDAY AMUSIC ISLANDS -AFTERNOON EDITION-“ at 5:00pm. DJs involved in the games will report live and guest treasure hunters, Sukima Switch, will also appear to hype up the event. Sukima Switch may reveal vital clues to the treasure hunt, so participants should stay tuned to the program.

Yota Towatari, Yohei Hamabata, Vicke Blanka, Berry Goodman, and LOVE will also appear as guest artists. A concert will be held on a special stage at 13:00. The timetable will for this concert will be announced at a later date.

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