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[Live report] Asami Imai & Ayane’s joint concert in Taiwan, “Let’s meet again!”

Voice actor/singer Asami Imai and anime song artist Ayane put on a joint concert called on September 28 (Sunday) at Taipei, Taiwan’s The Wall.

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The concert was packed, despite it being overseas. The set started off with Ayane’s “Complex Image”, which is the opening theme from “HIGURASHI NO NAKUKORONI MATSURI ~MIOTSUKUSHIHEN~”. She then followed with several theme songs such as “STEINS; GATE”, “11eyes”, “Memories Off”, and “HIGURASHI NO NAKUKORUNI”.

Ayane has experienced playing overseas several times. In her speech, she confessed how she ate too many xiaolongbao on the day before the concert. During her speech, a “xiaolongbao call” started up and brought up the energy.

Asami Imai went on next. She instantly heated up the crowd with her first song, the opening theme to “CHOMEGAMI Noir NOWARU GEKISHIN Black Heart” called “SHIKKOKU NO Sustain”. She continued to hype up the Taiwan fans with upbeat tunes “Strawberry ~AMAKU SETSUNAI NAMIDA~” and “Dear Darling”. She then played hard songs like “Hasta la vista” and moody songs like “KURAGE~Jellyfish~”. Although this was her first overseas performance under her own name, she put on an energetic performance that the fans reacted to.

The encore was an Asami Imai & Ayane collaborative performance. They performed “ANATO GA ERANDA KONOTOKI WO”, which the theme to the theatrical version of “Steins;Gate”. They promised the crowd, “We want to play in Taiwan again. Let’s meet again!” as they went into their finale.

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