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[Event report] Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari), sales for new song announced

Up Up Girls held their special concert event, , on October 21 at Shibuya Tower Records B1 “CUTUP STUDIO”.

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Up Up Girls will release their new single, “Beautiful Dreamer/ZENRYOKU!Pump Up!! –ULTRA Mix-/ITADAKI WO MEZASE!”, on November 4.

The girls debuted their new autumn/winter wardrobe on this day. They started their set with “(KAKKO KARI) WA KAESUZE ☆ be your soul” and heated up the crowd. Afterwards, they introduced themselves and talked about the new song.

They performed three new songs off of the new single. The first song was “Beautiful Dreamer”. The rap section in the song is a must listen. Manami Arai talked about how she was told during the recording session, “(your singing) no longer sounds like you’re reading”. Minami Sengoku talked about how nervous she was about messing up her take, but was actually the first one to finish. On top of that, producer PandaBoY praised her by saying, “It turned out much cooler than I thought it would!” The dance that Akari Saho pushed for, and is unusual for Up Up Girls, combined well with the rap and drew out a new charm for the group.

Up Up Girls performed “ZENRYOKU! Pump Up!! –ULTRA Mix-“ for the first time this night. The group members and the crowd jumped up and down for the whole song, making everybody’s muscles sore and swollen. Azusa Sekine said that the choreography was done by the group members and not by their usual choreographer, Natsumi Takenaka.

Up Up Girls performed 10 songs non-stop. Ayano Sato said, “The floor got slippery with our own sweat.” Konatsu Furukawa, who was next to her, said, “Sweat scatters during the spinning part in ’Survival Girls”. I think I could become a sprinkler pretty soon”. The fans seemed to agree.

When there was just one song left to go, background music played, and Yoshino of T-Palette Records appeared in front of the girls. As usual, Yoshino’s appearance was a surprise. He announced the current state of the new single and that they are shooting to move 10,000 units. That is a round about number to get into the Oricon Top 10. The current sales are at 4532 units. The girls initially reacted with “WOW…” Then Yoshino asked, “What is half of 10,000?” Ayano Sato, who was expected to answer, just cringed.

The last song of the event was their new single, “ITADAKI WO MEZASE!” Konatsu Furukawa said, “They told us to ‘sing as if there are 100,000 people!’ so I went for it in the recording.” Saki Mori, the tallest member of the group stood in the middle to form a mountain shape. They all pointed and look up at her height. Ayano Sato urged the crowd to point as well. The venue was wrapped in a warm unity as the show came to a close.

All seven members of Up Up Girls (KAKKO KARI) will hold an event at Tower Records Kinshicho store on October 26, just before their on October 30. It is sure to be an event that will solidify the group before their upcoming Japan tour.

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