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Cheeky Parade and The Possible collide at Shinjuku BLAZE

The fourth “DOUBLE COLOR”, an idol group “2-man” show, was held at Shinjuku BLAZE on October 23.

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Cheeky Parade are known for their aggressive dancing and unique music. The Possible are known for their miraculous recovery and overwhelming staging.

The show started with Cheeky Parade. They performed “CANDY POP GALAXY BOMB!!”, “KIZUNA PUNKYROCK!!”, and most of the nine songs from there double A-side single that will be released in December. The nine members, who have their own distinct personalities, put on an uplifting performance. Just last week, they played their “tour finale” at , New York’s biggest music festival. Their performance, which wowed Broadway, seemed to make Cheeky Parade just a bit larger. Their confident performance and up-tempo music matched perfectly and created an exciting stage performance.

The Possible went on next. They started with “Ribbon”, which showcased the group’s pride, vocalist Hashimon. She sang songs that normal idol groups could not possibly sing. Even though this was Cheeky Parade’s first time seeing The Possible, there was a cohesivesness to the vibe, and it made people stop in their tracks. They performed live hits such as the sexy and explosive “Do ME! Do!”, “Otome! Be Ambitious!”, “Saa KOI! Happiness!”, and “EIEN Fireball!”. They also performed “Lovely! Lovely!”, which showcases Goto’s loveliness. Their performance was not just based on hype, but on experience as well. It made you look forward to the November 16 show at Nakano SunPlaza.

The Possible seemed more “real” than Cheeky Parade, who exuded more of a cheeky feel. It felt like some Possible fans were afraid that Possible would have punched Cheeky Parade if they gave them a dirty look. However, Cheeky Parade joined The Possible on stage for their encore perfromance of “EIEN Fireball!” and waved towels in the air. The crowd was excited for the collaborative performance.

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