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Anna Tsuchiya dresses as a white fallen angel for Shinjuku Halloween event

Anna Tsuchiya’s new song, “LUCIFER”, is used in the TV commercial for the horror game, “PSYCHOBREAK”. She performed at a Halloween parade / mini-concert on Futabadori at Shinjuku east gate market area.

◆ Anna Tsuchiya Halloween parade image

The event took place on Futabadori at Shinjuku east gate market area. Tsuchiya was dressed as a fallen angel just as in the music video for her new song, “LUCIFER”. Her make up apparently took three hours to put on. She led the parade consisting of monsters from the game “PSYCHOBREAK” and 200 people in costumes. 2000 spectators gathered to watch the costume parade, and Tsuchiya stopped to pose with fans who took photos with their mobile phones.

Tsuchiya also put on a surprise concert at Shinjuku station east gate square. She performed “LUCIFER”, which is used for the TV commercial for “PSYCHOBREAK”, and “rose”, the theme song to TV anime “NaNa”. She sang “rose” at Shinjuku Station square ten years ago as well.

“For somebody like me who loves festivals, it was so fun to be able to perform in front of you in Shinjuku, the center of the city. I will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of my solo debut in August 2015. I hope to bring you good music in the future too.” –Anna Tsuchiya

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