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Mai Kuraki’s new song is the theme song to anime “MEITANTEI Conan”

Mai Kuraki’s song, “DYNAMITE”, has two major tie-ups and is the previously unreleased track on her upcoming November 12 release, “Mai Kuraki BEST 151A –LOVE & HOPE-“.

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“I awakened my heart with ‘Wake me up’, made it stronger with ‘MUTEKI NA Heart, and made it explode with ‘DYNAMITE’.” –Mai Kuraki

The first tie-up with anime “MEITANTEI Conan” will be the opening theme for the show, starting Saturday, November 1. The second tie-up is that it will be the theme song or “EDOGAWA Conan SHISSO JIKEN ~SHIJO SAIAKU NO FUTUKAKAN~”, which is the “MEITANTEI Conan” 20th anniversary Friday Roadshow movie which will play on Yomiuri TV/Nippon TV in December.

This will be the 18th collaboration with “MEITANTEI Conan”. Kuraki hyped up both of their anniversary years with her confidence by saying, “This song will exceed 15 years and represent the future”.

A special, limited time 15th anniversary collaboration café was opened at Shibuya’s “Café Manduka” on October 30. Big panels of Mai Kuraki are displayed in the show window and in the entrance area. The panels inside the store look back on Kuraki’s career.

Music videos from the best-of album will be shown on the giant monitors in the store. “Mai.K coasters“, which are limited items, will be handed out with every food and drink order.

Kuraki will appear on “SMAPxSMAP” on Monday, November 3, on “VS ARASHI ARASHI TO DOUKI DARAKE NO GACHINKO TAIKETSU!” and on “LIVE MONSTER” on Sunday, November 23.

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