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Ken Hirai shoots music video for “SOREDEMO SHITAI” in India

Ken Hirai will release his dual A-side single, “SOREDEMO SHITAI/ONNAJI SAMISHISA” on December 10. The music video for “SOREDEMO SHITAI” was just released.

◆Ken Hirai “SOREDEMO SHITAI” music video image

“SOREDEMO SHITAI” is a forbidden love song with lyrics about a thrilling relationship, but the music video has a humorous approach. The video shoot took place over two-days in India’s capital city of Delhi and the surrounding suburbs. Hirai danced in Bollywood style at ancient ruins and in the city with an all-Indian cast. They seemed to by in perfect sync.

The story is very light hearted, but shooting in a foreign country apparently had its own set of difficulties. They shot for 2 days from 6:00am for 30 hours. On top of that, the traffic in Delhi has gotten worse, and moving around the seven shooting locations proved to be very difficult.

The limited edition DVD will include a making-of video. The YouTube channel is showing different video edits and a short karaoke version of the video with subtitles. The second song on the single, “ONNAJI SAMISHISA”, is the theme song to NHK drama 10’ “SAYONARA WATASHI”, which is currently airing. The song is currently being distributed, so check it out

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