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[Live report] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu arena tour brings tears

The last show of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s first arena tour, , was held at Kokuritsu Yoyogi First Gymnasium on Sunday, November 9.

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The stage was scattered with colorful toy boxes. As boxes were lowered from overhead and onto the stage, Kyary appeared out of one of them dressed in white like a French marionette doll. The show started with “MOTTAINAITORANDO”.

Kyary addressed the crowd, “Hello everyone of Tokyo! This tour was imagined, just as the title says, to be like toy boxes. I debuted with “PONPONPON” when I was 18. I’ve come full circle and created a pop, psychedelic, and grotesque world.” She then went into a medley of her debut mini album, “MOSHI MOSHI Harajuku”, her first album “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution”, “Cherry BonBon”, “SUKI SUGITE KIRESO”, and “Jelly”. There was even a trampoline on stage. Dancers dressed up as “Jumpy” and “Rappy” (tour characters) and performed acrobatics with the trampoline and entertained the 10,000 people in the crowd.

Kyary’s second outfit was a Kyary-like colorful one with balls attached to it to look like a gift box. 16 NEW Kyary kids, who were selected through an audition process, appeared for “Ring a bell”. This was the first time they performed the song along side Kyary.

Kyary challenged herself to a quick-change illusion for “Serious Hitomi”. She changed into a water drop one-piece outfit when she got inside the gift box. For the next quick-change, she changed into a gold one-piece outfit while gold confetti rained down on her. For the last quick-change, she changed into a red and black mini-dress at the beginning of “Fashion Monster”. The crowd was stunned and shouted in excitement. The changes were so fast, that she did have some failed attempts at other shows on the tour. However, she nailed each one at this final show, which made it hard for her to contain her joy.

During the middle of “MI”, a bear appeared from the middle of the stage. The bear had its fangs out, and the stage was wrapped in flames as the mood of the show changed. The intro to “KIRA KIRA Killer” started playing and the center of the stage changed into a big cake. Kyary appeared wearing strawberries. The asymmetrical dress, which was constructed from pink and green lace, was an idea that came from Kyary’s desire to ride on top of a cake and sing. Towards the end of “KIRA KIRA Killers”, Kyary took down the raucous bear with a strawberry laser gun. She followed with “MINNA NO UTA” and “Family Party” and ended with “Explorer” about a young boy that has a dream and goes on a voyage.

Kyary came on stage in a T-shirt with bear ears for the encore. “The arena tour will end today. I was deeply moved. It’s been three years since my debut, but I was very unsure if I could fill an arena for two days. But kids and adults gathered here, and I thank you.” Kyary cried after these heartfelt words of gratitude to the audience.

Kyary then performed “CANDY CANDY” and “CHAN CHAKA CHAN CHAN” for her last encore and addressed the 10,000 fans in the venue, “I will continue to deliver fantasies that will move all of you people.” The show was a total of two hours, and Kyary performed 23 songs.

The concert will be shown on WOWOW on December 21 (Sunday) at 9:00pm.

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