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BABYMETAL perform their new song for the first time in front of 5000 people in London

BABYMETAL played the add-on tour finale for at O2 Brixton Academy, London on November 8 (local time). They played their new song for the first time in front of 5000 people.

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BABYMETAL’s July 2014 “one-man” show at The Forum London sold out, making this their second show in 2014. This add-on show for was the follow up to their New York, Hammerstein Ballroom show on November 4 (local time). This show, which finishes up the world tour, also sold out. 5000 fans in different rock T-shirts were lined up since early in the morning.

The crowd heated up when KAMI Band started playing “BABYMETAL DEATH” and the three girls appeared out of a podium on center stage. They started out with “IINE!”, “U•KI•U•KI MIDNIGHT” and hyped up the crowd even more. The London crowd even mouthed the words to the Japanese lyrics in “AKUMU NO MAIWAKYOKU” and “4 NO UTA”, even chanting, “YON! YON! (Japanese for 4)”. KAMI Band’s god-like technique in the solo parts also added fuel to the fire.

After playing “MEGITSUNE”, “DO•KI•DO•KI Morning”, and “Gimme Choco!!”, the crowd screamed during the intro of “IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI” as if to say “We were waiting”. A wall of death was created in London as BABYMETAL tore through their set. The audience chanted, “We want more!!”, and “BABYMETAL!!”. The girls obliged and performed “Headbanger!!” for their encore. At the end of the song, SU-METAL hit a gong and fell to the ground. “Metal Resistance Volume 2” came to a close.

A movie telling the introductory chapter to “Metal Resistance Volume 3” started and a new song was introduced. The new song featured Sam Totman and Herman Li of British metal band Dragon Force on guitars. It is BABYMETAL’s fastest melodic speed metal tune yet. The crowd of 5000 sang along regardless of the fact that it was a new song. It is predicted that this will be BABYMETAL’s new anthem.

BABYMETAL will hold , the triumphant return of “Metal Resistance Volume 3” to Japan, at Saitama Super Arena on January 10 2015.

Photo credit: Dana (distortion) Yavin

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