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HATSUNE MIKU & UTAITE: The whole story behind the collaborative compilation revealed

Vocaloid compilation album “Download feat. HATSUNE MIKU” and UTAITE compilation album “Upload feat. Vocalis” will both be released on December 10. A crossfade video for all of the songs has been released.

◆Crosfade one scene

『Upload feat.Vocalist』

“Vocaloid” and “UTAITE” are no longer just a “social phenomenon”, but a part of “Japanese culture”. “Download feat. HATSUNE MIKU” will be released by Warner Music Japan, and “Upload feat. Vocalis” will be released by Victor Entertainment. This collaboration crosses label boundaries, and this crossfade video reveals all songs off of both albums.

A release event called will be held at Animate Yokohama on December 13 (Saturday).

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