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[Event report] “Love Live!” voice of Maki Nishikino, Pile, Big ambition is “Saitama Super Arena”

Pile is the voice of Maki Nishikino on anime “Love Live!”, a member of idol unit μ's, and also one half of 4to6 with Riho Iida. She made her solo debut with the single “DENSETSU NO FLARE” on December 3. There was a release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Square on the same day.

◆Pile “DENSETSU NO FLARE” Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Square release event image

2000 fans packed the Fountain Square for Pile’s solo debut event. She performed “DENSETSU NO FLARE” as well as answered Twitter questions from fans.

Pile did interviews with press after the mini-concert. She said, “I was wondering what to do if nobody showed up, but when I got on stage, it was packed. All of the fans calmed my nerves.”

Performing solo is quite different from being one of nine in μ's and one half of 4to6. She commented, “It’s difficult to satisfy the fans as one person, but being able to feel good and do what you want on stage is different.” She said that having all eyes on her felt like “a hole was being burned in me!”

Pile also said that her big solo ambition is to “play at a big venue by myself”. She continued, “Tokyo Dome is asking too much, so Saitama Super Arena (μ's perform there in January 2015). First is arena mode (not stadium mode). Also I’ve never done a tour, so I’d like to try a tour.”

Text and photo by ytsuji, a.k.a. editorial department

Pile - "DENSETSU NO FLARE" music video (short version)

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◆ Pile " DENSETSU NO FLARE " Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Square release event image
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