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Kana Nishino’s video for “KOISURU KIMOCHI” released

The video for “KOISURI KIMOCHI”, the lead track of Kana Nishino’s “with LOVE” album, was just released. The video was produced by charismatic female art director Asami Kiyokawa.


Asami Kiyokawa is a female art director that garners support from women with her unique style of embroidering photographs to make woman look even more beautiful. The shiny parts of love in “KOISURU KIMOCHI” are accentuated with her 3D flower motif. In the video, Nishino sits on a swing in front of a 3D flower backdrop. Nobu Sueyoshi, who has directed several of Nishino’s videos, also directed this video.

Nishino and Kiyokawa met for the first time on the set of the music video. They exchanged gifts, took photos together and quickly became acquainted with one another. The video shoot is said to have started and ended in a harmonious and quiet mood.
◆Kana Nishino “KOISURU KIMOCHI” music video (short version)

Kana Nishino will make her fifth appearance at the “65th NHK KOHAKU UTAGASSEN” and will go on a 200,000 person Japan arena tour called in the spring of 2015. Asami Kiyokawa released her long awaited “HIMITSU” in May 2014 and currently has an exhibition titled “TOKYO Monster” at Shibuya Parco Museum.

◆Kana Nishino official site

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