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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Yuji Sakamoto drama theme song is “full of my sincere feelings”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will sing her first drama theme song with the Thursday drama, “MONDAI NO ARU Restaurant”. The drama is written by Yuji Sakamoto and stars Yoko Maki.

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released her third album, “PIKAPIKA FANTAJIN”, in North and South America, and Europe. It has hit the No.1 spot on Oricon weekly chart. She also went on a successful arena tour, , that started in October and has been confirmed for her third NHK KOHAKU UTAGASSEN appearance this year. The title of the theme song is “MONDAI Girl” and was written especially for the drama by Yasutaka Nakata.

The song conveys Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s support for girls to be individuals and to have the courage to be true to themselves in this male dominated society. It's a cute pop song that encourages women.

Comments from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu can be read below.

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“I’m very happy to work on my first drama theme song. I think it's a fun song that is packed with my sincerest feelings. This is my first song of 2015 and it packs a punch. Please enjoy!” –Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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Producer Kazuyuki Shimizu says he offered Kyary the part because “This drama is about “girl power”. The world sees Kyary Pamyu as an icon of Japanese ‘kawaii’ culture. I thought we would get even more support from women by having her sing the theme song.” The fact that the drama is set in Harajuku / Omotesando was also a determining factor.

This collaboration between Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Yuji Sakamoto, who has also done “SAIKO NO RIKON” and “SOREDEMO IKITEYUKU”, is something that everybody is looking forward to.

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