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[Live report] Hirai makes the Christmas mood “Asian” in an instant

Ken Hirai’s annual acoustic Christmas concert, "Ken’s Bar 2014 Winter", was held at Marine Messe Fukuoka on December 23 (Tuesday, holiday). It was held at Yokohama Arena in 2013, but it has been three years since Ken’s Bar was held in Fukuoka.

◆Ken Hirai –image

Hirai opened the set with an acapella cover of “Let it snow”. He then greeted the crowd, “Merry Christmas! Welcome to Ken’s Bar. I am Ken Hirai. Today is the eve of Christmas Eve. Thank you for coming to see me at this precious time. Today is a great day. It's a public holiday, and it’s the eve of Christmas Eve. Let’s all make this a holy, lovely, “melty”, “sweety” evening together!“

Hirai then performed acoustic versions of original songs one after another. For the last song of his first set, he played an acoustic version of “SOREDEMOSHITAI” for the very first time. Then Natarajan Neela Kandan, an Indian government sponsored, Fukuoka resident Bollywood dancer, took the stage and performed with Hirai. The mood changed instantly. Once the performance ended, Natarajan Neela Kandan took Hirai’s microphone and said in his native language, “We will continue with the second half of the show after this intermission. Please stay as you are.”

Hirai performed huge songs such as “Tomorrow”, the theme song from the movie “ANNIE”, and “ONNAJI SAMISHISA”, the theme song from NHK drama10 “SAYONARA WATASHI” for the first time. For the last half of the set, he performed popular hit songs such as “POP STAR” and “Love Love Love”. For the encore, he performed a cover of Hikaru Utada’s Christmas song, “Can’t Wait till Christmas”. Ken Hirai made the Fukuoka night sky into a Christmas mood with his beautiful voice for 9,000 spectators.

Photo: Tanaka Eiji

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