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Lyrics to Southern All Stars’ new song, “HEIWA NO KANE GA NARU”, released

Southern All Stars played their first live broadcast New Year’s show in nine years at “KOHAKU UTAGASSEN”. At the same time, they announced their first original album in 10 years and an upcoming Japan tour. 2015 is already full of good news for Southern All Stars. The lyrics to “HEIWA NO KANE GA NARU”, off the new album, were also released on

“HEIWA NO KANE GA NARU”, just as the title suggests, addresses the hopes for peace, the value of life, and the dreams of people looking toward a new era.

2015 marks the 70-year anniversary of the end of the war as well as Southern’s first original album in 10 years. Releasing the lyrics to “HEIWA NO KANE GA NARU” for these two occasions had a deep meaning for the band, so they decided to do it on New Year’s Day 2015.

“HEIWA NO KANE GA NARU” was also confirmed as the image song for NHK’s 90-year anniversary. It is currently being aired on NHK General, E Tele, BS premium, and on BS1 PR program and TV spots.
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