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Wagakki Band’s first hall concert. Taiwan show and Japan tour confirmed

Wagakki Band played their first hall concert at Shibuya Public Hall in Tokyo on January 7. The concert was titled "Wagakki Band One-Man Live DAISHINNENKAI 2015".

◆"Wagakki Band One-Man Live DAISHINNENKAI 2015".

Wagakki Band played a total of 22 songs, including the encore. The songs mostly centered around their April 2014 debut album, “BOKARO ZANMAI”, but also included their first original song, “HANABI”, and their February 25 release, “IKUSA”. They mesmerized 2000 spectators with their shamisen and Taiko drum performances as well as their Taiko battle.

They announced that their new song, “IKUSA”, will be the theme song for the game, “SENGOKU MUSO 4-II”. When they performed “IKUSA” for the first time, the energy of the crowd maxed out.

When the band left the stage after their last song, “TENRAKU”, the giant LED screen above the stage displayed the words, “Wagakki Band WORLD PROJECT Vol.1! Taiwan solo concert confirmed!!”, “2015 autumn Japan tour confirmed!!” The whole venue screamed at the surprise news.

The last song of the encore was “SENBON SAKURA” and was performed with the OUENZA performance troupe. The two and a half hour concert finally came to a fabulous end.

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