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[Event report] Short film directed by Takeru (SuG) is complete. “If you want to feel excited, take one step forward”

A screening of “WE CRY OUT HELLYEAH”, written and directed by SuG vocalist Takeru, was held at Yokohama Brillia SHORT SHORTS THEATER on January 18. Takeru appeared on stage to greet the crowd after the screening.

◆Takeru (SuG) "WE CRY OUT HELLYEAH" screening – photo

The film was based on an original novel written by Takeru. Culumi Nakada played the starring role of “Setsuna”. Also, Pour Lui (formerly of BiS and currently of LUI•FRONTiC•AKABANE JAPAN) played the role of “Sumika Moriyama” and caused quite a buzz.

"WE CRYOUT HELLYEAH" short film – teaser

“If you want to feel excited, take one step forward” was a repeated phrase in the film and also the theme for Takeru’s piece. Takeru appears in the film as “Zipper boy”, as his solo project UWAKIMONO, and as himself in very symbolic and important characters.

The film was actually completed on the morning of the screening. The screening was the first time that Takeru the director saw the finished film on the big screen. After the screening, moderator Takumi Fujita of J-WAVE asked Takeru about his feelings now that the film was complete. Takeru responded, “(Even though I have experience as a music video director), This was my first time as a film director. There are a lot of things I realized for the first time. I really want to do this again.”

Takeru commented that the film was “documentary, guerilla, and music video”. “There were a lot of people who lent their hands because we are SuG. There were many things that were only possible by us. However, the process of tying everything together was the hardest part.”

Takeru also mentioned that the March 4 release of SuG’s album “BLACK” was involved from the start of the film project. The initial idea was to make a long film for “BLACK” and have this short film be a spin off of that. SuG has released genre-defying songs such as “HELLYEAH” and “CRY OUT” up until now. Takeru said that he wanted to “make their genre-defying songs easier to comprehend with the film.”

SuG will release their new album, “BLACK”, on March 4. It is a record that exhibits their will to break genre barriers and do what they want. The band will also go on a promotional tour in the spring and summer. The theme of “if you want to feel excited, take one step forward”
is sure to resonate through all of SuG’s upcoming act ivies.

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