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Sukekiyo’s solo tour. Tokyo Hall show added! Preview of collaboration with X JAPAN’s Toshi, and Hiroshi Mikami

Sukekiyo started their first joint tour, "”The Unified Field’ –SOURAN NO ME=", on January 28 and will release their first mini-album, “VITIUM”, on February 4. The add-on dates to "Sukekiyo 2015 KOEN “The Unified Field” –VITIUM-" were also announced.

Sukekiyo ~image & video~

A show at Fuchu-shi Tokyo’s Green Hall on February 28 was announced. Attendees will be given a postcard with a secret code that allows them to view bonus video footage. This “secret video” will be released on March 9 at 12:00. It is said to contain rare footage of sukekiyo.

Sukekiyo will play in Shanghai, China after their Japan shows. They will play at a “Subculture art center” called QSW Culture Centre. It will be interesting to see how sukekiyo’s spectacular live performance goes over in Shanghai.

Follow-up news concerning “VITIUM” has just arrived. The band’s Soundcloud page now has a preview of bonus disc material. Those songs are “AMAAGARI NO YUUSHI Collboration with Toshi” with Toshi (vocals) from X JAPAN and “Focus Collaboration with Hiroshi Mikami” with actor Hiroshi Mikami. A preview of all “VITIUM” tracks and a commercial of vocalist Kyo’s character anime “The Zemeckises” are now on YouTube.

"Sukekiyo 2015 KOEN “The Unified Field”"
March 15, 2015 (Sunday) QSW Culture Centre - Shanghai, China

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◆sukekiyo image & video

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