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[Live report] ONE OK ROCK perform new song at Okinawa premier concert

ONE OK ROCK played an invite-only concert in Okinawa on February 1 (Sunday). The band played 14 songs, including new songs, in front of 800 premium ticket holders. The show was presented by Space Shower TV under the concept of “living music, on your side”. It was a part of “SPACE SHOWER TV “LIVE with YOU”, a concert program that showcases top musicians.

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ONE OK ROCK will release their new album, “35xxxv”, on February 11 (Wednesday) and embark on a Japan arena tour in May. Their previous “one-man” concert was at Yokohama Stadium on September 2014.

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“Koza Musictown” is located in the birthplace of Okinawa rock, Koza. People were lined up from the ground floor up to the third floor entrance over an hour before doors opened. Smiling fans waited in anticipation.

ONE OK ROCK has had a lot of overseas activity lately. They played 20 shows overseas including South Africa and a European tour. They also finished their latest album “35xxxv” in Los Angeles.

The floor was packed as start time approached. Taka’s “Okinawa!” shout broke the rising tension in the crowd as they started of with “Mighty Long Fall”. The crowd threw their hands in the air and swayed back and forth to the rhythm. Toru and Ryota started playing riffs in unison and the venue heated up. Taka said, “Let’s make this the ultimate night”.

“We’re gonna play a new song! Follow us!” They suddenly went full throttle into the punk-ish tune, “Take me to the top”. Taka continued to fuel the fire by saying, “Don’t forget that you all were chosen. We’re going to go into the morning, so have fun till the end!”

The moment Toru’s guitar arpeggios were engraved with clock sounds, everybody knew what was coming. Yes, it was “Clock Strikes”. Taka’s singing was followed by singing from the crowed. Emotions became one at this special moment.

They then played another new song, “Cry Out”. The crowd split, and a mosh circle appeared in the center. The energy in the venue maxed out at this point. Toru cooled down the energy with his acoustic guitar sound in “Be the light”. They performed “Heartache” from the new album, but with disclaimer from Taka that it was “a different version from the CD”. As Taka stated, it was sung only with Toru’s acoustic guitar. It was a ballad with a gentle melody that each lyric could resonate to. The crowd then got involved in a call-and-response. The band followed with another new song, “Stuck in the middle”, a heavy tune that hits the chest aggressively. The crowd started head banging to “NO SCARED” before the last song, “The Beginning”. The band delivered the positive message, “We can’t end it here”, before leaving the stage.

The encore songs were “Answer Is Near” and “KANZEN KANKAKU Dreamer”. In ONE OK ROCK, guitars layer gentleness with boldness, and the bass and drums support the bottom. Powerful vocals cut through the resulting band sound. This premium concert can be experienced on “SPACE SHOWER TV“LIVE with YOU” on February 28 (Saturday) 10pm ~ 11pm! (*songs are TBD)

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Photos: Rui Hashimoto (SOUND SHOOTER)
Text: Hironobu Ito

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