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YOSHIKI of X JAPAN speaks out, “My right hand will not recover”

America’s Loudwire magazine’s “2014 Most Devoted Fans” ranking will end at 9:00 am February 3 (EST) / 11:00 pm Japan time. When BARKS revealed the rankings on January 12, X JAPAN was at the No.1 spot. With only a few hours left, X JAPAN has taken over half the votes and most likely will have a landslide victory.

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It’s impressive that a Japanese band is on an American poll, but it’s the devoted fans that are behind them. The poll shows the greatness of X JAPAN, but also is a testament of the fans’ devotion. A special bond connects the band and the fans. Fans could vote once every hour until 11:00 pm February 3 (Japan time). The last spurt of voting was like YOSHIKI’s double bass.

YOSHIKI tweeted about the status of his tendovaginitis, “There is no guarantee that my right hand will fully recover after surgery. I might not be able to use it starting that day. I’ll keep going until I can’t. Sorry for all the worry. I’ll be ok, #WeAreX!”

YOSHIKI’s well being is no longer just his own. The #WeAreX! Spirit is what allows YOSHIKI to accept of the consequences of his decisions. We can’t predict the future, but we hope that X JAPAN will continue to stimulate the world in 2015.

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