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Masaharu Fukuyama announces CD release of solo performances on “TAMASHII NO Request” on ANN TAMASHII NO Radio

Masaharu Fukuyama announced the CD release of “TAMASHII NO Request” from Nippon Broadcasting’s “Masaharu Fukuyama NO All Night Nippon Saturday Special ‘TAMASHII NO Radio’”.

“TAMA RADI” is coming to an end in March 2015 after 23 years on the air. For the “TAMASHII NO Request” portion of the show, listeners request songs they want Fukuyama to sing. Fukuyama then sings the songs in solo format. The huge popularity of the segment led to the release of a CD compilation of the solo performances before the end of the show run.

On February 7, Nippon Broadcasting broadcast the annual “DAIDOTEISAI (big virgin party)” that was held on Fukuyama’s birthday of February 6. 64 virgins gathered at Nippon Broadcasting’s Imagine Studio and had a boys chat with Fukuyama, who was in a different studio. They discussed the circumstances surrounding their virginity. Fukuyama then sang “HELLO” and “IT’S ONLY LOVE” along with the 64-member “virgin chorus”. Fukuyama commented, “singing with virgins is sweet and sour.”

Fukuyama announced, “I’ve sang these songs as live, in-studio requests, but I’d like to compile them onto a CD. There are no release date or album details as of yet. He added that the CD title is still temporary, but it might be “TAMA RIKU”. We can only guess which songs over the years will be chosen to be on the compilation.

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