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KINNIKUSHOJOTAI and NINGENISU will release a collaborative single

KINNIKUSHOJOTAI and NINGENISU are two unique bands that have walked their own paths for over a quarter century and have stayed fresh. They will release a collaborative single under the name “KINNIKUSHOJOTAI NINGENISU” on May 13.

Both bands started out in the 80’s and still continue to push the boundaries of the music scene in 2015. They respect each other and have played shows together. The two bands are on the same label, and the collaboration was said to have come about naturally.

The single contains a collaborative song as the title track. For the coupled songs, KINNIKUSHOJOTAI will cover a NINGENISU song and vice versa.

The single will be released as a limited edition and a regular edition. Collaborative trading cards will also be included in the first pressings only (1 out of 13 versions randomly inserted). The limited edition will include an original T-shirt and history books of the two bands.

KINNIKUSHOJOTAI and NINGENISU will play a show together at Shibuya Public Hall on June 7. Check the official website for details.

◆KINNIKUSHOJOTAI official site
◆NINGENISU official site

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