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[Alexandros]’ music videos for “WATARIDORI” and “Dracula La” double A-side single

[Alexandros] will release their double A-side single, “WATARIDORI / Dracula La”, on March 18. Music videos for both songs were released.

◆[Alexandros] "WATARIDORI / Dracula La" music video (short version)

“WATARIDORI” (theme song to the movie “AKEGARASU”) has a refreshing and exhilarating intro and powerful lyrics and is popular as a graduation song. Lyric-searching website, “UTA net”, ranked the song No.1 on February 20. The “WATARIDORI” video was shot over 20 hours in late January. Location shots were taken on the beach of Takahagi, Ibaraki and at Ibaraki Hitachi North High School. The band performance scenes were shot in a studio. The song is about two girls who are graduating and are about to walk their separate paths. The story is synced to the band’s performance and shows the grand scale of the video.

“Dracula La” is the theme song to MBS, TBS drama “ONNA KUDOKI MESHI”. The digital release of iTunes, and ring tones starts on February 25. The music video is set to a pop song with a toxic riff and shows the tactics between boys and girls in a comical way.

[Alexandros] - WATARIDORI (music video) (short ver.)

[Alexandros] - Dracula La (music video) (short ver.)

◆[Alexandros] official site
◆[Alexandros] "WATARIDORI / Dracula La" special site

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