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PENICILLIN’s first cover album illustrated by Kamijo of “TO-Y”

PENCILLIN will release their first cover album, titled “Memories ~Japanese Masterpieces~”, March 18, 2015.


The album will contain 10 songs that were coupled with singles (regular edition contains 11 songs).

The theme of the selected songs is “popular songs by women”. Sayuri Ishikawa’s “AMAGIGOE” combines heavy rock and enka. Sayuri Kubota’s “IHOJIN” has a band sound that overflows with exotic melodies and elegant singing. IRUKA’s “NAGORI YUKI” illustrates a nostalgic landscape along with a warm, lyrical worldview. PENICILLIN revives several Showa era female singers with their new arrangements.

The regular edition includes the only male vocal song as the bonus track. As a tribute, Shigeru Matsuzaki’s “AI NO Memory” is sung in the original key.

PENICILLIN succeeds in understanding what is special about all the songs while bringing their own sound into them. You could say the album shows a “new side” of PENICILLIN while keeping their “trademark”. That’s what makes “Memories ~Japanese Masterpieces~” a masterpiece.

The album cover is also a highlight. “TO-Y” and “SEX” author and anime illustrator, Atsushi Kamijo, who the band members all respect, drew the artwork. Fans should know that that name PENICILLIN is derived from the “TO-Y” manga.

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