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Shokotan & Dempagumi: Dempagumi’s Furukawa nervous about “Shokotan’s bold “upskirt”

Shokotan ❤ Dempagumi (pronounced Shokotan DAISUKI Dempagumi) is a collaborative project between Shokotan and They shot a music video in a studio in the city on March 9.

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Shokotan ❤ Dempagumi’s “PUNCH LINE!” is the opening theme to Fuji TV late-night anime “NOITAMINA”, which starts on April 9. Noboru Iguchi, who has directed Shokotan’s movie “NUIGURMA-Z” and Dempagumi’s TV drama “Dempa Connection”, directed the music video.

“Upskirt” is the keyword for the new video where Shokotan plays a teacher and Dempagumi plays the students. It is slightly sexy slapstick comedy. All seven members are otaku (nerds) and the shoot went very smoothly. All seven members delivered an upskirt shot for all of the fans that are anxiously waiting.

Shokotan commented, “We all danced and hugged. It turned out to be like a dream I never imagined.” Dempagumi’s Furukawa commented, “Shokotan revealed a bold upskirt that made me think, “Is Shokotan ok?” I’m nervous about how the music video will turn out.” Director Iguchi commented, “I’m honored to make a music video with 2 artists I’ve worked with before. This was my first idol video, but everybody was so cute that I forgot that I was the director. There were moments when I was just having fun as a fan. I can’t want to show you the video!”

The video will be included as a DVD for the limited edition and limited anime version of the CD that will be released on April 29.

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