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SUPER☆GiRLS’ Rina Asakawa passes “iDOL Street KENTEI” with a perfect score.

“iDOL Street KENTEI” is a certification exam that groups like SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM must take. The exam was designed by iDOL Street experts and a quiz committee. The questions are tested through a pilot test and are then given to the iDOL Street members.

SUPER☆GiRLS’ Rina Asakawa is an idol that actually loves other idols. She even remembers the birthdays and blood types of idols she likes. She took the iDOL Street exam and got a perfect score. She commented, “It was easy for me. If you like iDOL Street, you have to know these things!” “From what I recall, even Higuchi-san (iDOL Street executive producer) didn’t get a perfect score. Maybe I can sit in that producer’s chair…”

The members of Cheeky Parade and GEM also took the exam. The YuriMari sisters of Cheeky Parade (Yuriya Suzuki, Mariya Suzuki) scored over 80%, and Seran Mizorogi scored 76%.

Those who pass the exam receive a commemorative badge and an invitation to a special event. The viewing area at the special event corresponds to the exam score, so the better scores get access better areas. Invitations to the special event are given to those who register by March 26 and take the exam by March 31.

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