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Shokotan and Dempagumi release CD cover. Back cover is an upskirt shot that can be peeled

Shoko Nakagawa and have a new collabo-unit called “SHOKOTAN DAISUKI DEMPAGUMI”. The artwork for their new single, “PUNCH LINE!” (April 29 release), was just released.


The theme of this cover is “stylish photo booth”. The seven group members push their faces together around Shokotan who is in the middle. AI Madonna was in charge of the face painting.

The back cover is noteworthy because it is a low angle shot of the seven group members. It is an upskirt shot with heart stickers covering certain areas. Those who purchase the CD will be able to peel the stickers off and view the hidden areas.


Shoko Nakagawa: Being so close to these cute girls was great! It was a tough shoot because of the positions we were in, but I am very happy about how the cover turned out. At first, I was very embarrassed about the upskirt shot on the back cover, but it gradually became fun. We all researched the best angles, so please check it out!

Moga Mogami (leader of Dempagumi) comment: This photo looks cute, but it was actually a very difficult to shoot. I feel like Shokotan’s heart was so close to ours. I love AI Madonna’s face painting too!

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