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Teacher Shokotan, Dempagumi upskirt music video

Shoko Nakagawa and Dempagumi’s collabo-unit, “SHOKOTAN DAISUKI Dempagumi”, will release their new single “PUNCH LINE!” on April 29. The full-length music video for the song is on GYAO! for just a week.

◆SHOKOTAN DAISUKI Dempagumi - image

Iguchi Noboru directed the music video based on “upskirt”. It is a slightly sexy “gag-comedy” where Shokotan plays the role of a teacher and Dempagumi are her students. The friendship between Shokotan and the seven group members can be seen with the occasional that blowing up of their skirts. It rides the fine line of being barely hidden.

Noboru Iguchi has directed “NUIGURUMA-Z”, a film starting Nakagawa, and’s drama, “Dempa Connection”, so the shooting environment was very relaxed.

A making-of video will be released on YouTube on April 1. Just like in the album cover that was released the other day, everything on the web, including the music video, has hearts covering the upskirts. The full upskirt can only be viewed on the limited edition and anime edition bonus DVDs.

■Shoko Nakagawa comment
It was morning till night shoot of us laughing and peeling up our skirts! It’s a music video that reveals girls’ spirits and what only girls can do! In the video, “Teacher Shokotan” happily peels up everyone’s skirts, but there were several embarrassing scenes. I think girls can enjoy this video.”

■Risa Aizawa ( comments
“It was like the first page of things I couldn’t do during my student years! Check out Teacher Shokotan’s daring smile and the borderline upskirts!”

■Director Noboru Iguchi comments
The friendship between Shokotan and Dempagumi made it a fun shoot. There are more upskirts in this video than ever before, but it’s not perverted. It’s like a “slightly erotic gag-comedy”, and it should be fun for both older and younger generations. Please check out the full version of the video on the DVD!”

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