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BISHOJO SENSHI Sailor Moon Crystal. Music video for character song featuring 5 sailor moon warriors released

“BISHOJO SENSHI Sailor Moon Crystal Character ONGAKUSHU Crystal Collection” will be released on April 29. The music video for “KAKUMEI WA Night & Day” was just released.

◆“KAKUMEI WA Night & Day” – music video

The “BISHOJO SENSHI Sailor Moon” anime will release its first character song compilation in 20 years. Sumire Shirobara, Akiko Kosaka, Tikaα
(Etsuko Yakushimaru), Yoshimasa Inoue, JYOOH BACHI, and TeddyLoid were involved in the production. (Sumire Shirobara is Naoko Takeuchi’s pen name).

This latest music video is for Etsuko Yakushimaru’s song, “KAKUMEI WA Night & Day”. Five sailor warriors appear in this one song and show the greatness of their characters. The music is centered around battle scenes that work well with their cute singing voices.

There is now an official Instagram page to go along with the TV broadcast. It is full of new Sailor Moon material.

(C)Naoko Takeuchi · PNP · Kodansha, Toei Animation

"BISHOJO SENSHI Sailor Moon" Character ONGAKUSHU Crystal Collection (PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILORMOON Crystal)

◆"BISHOJO SENSHI Sailor Moon Crystal" Instagram
◆"BISHOJO SENSHI Sailor Moon Crystal" anime website

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