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LUNA SEA hosts LUNATIC FEST. 12 artists perform on 3 stages (MOON, SHINE, FATE)

A new announcement about LUNA SEA’s "LUNATIC FEST." was made on the special website on April 10.

The number of performing artists, the names of the stages, and the fact that LUNA SEA will perform on both days were announced. 12 artists, including LUNA SEA, will be performing for the festival. The venue map that was announced on March 20 showed Makuhari Messe Halls 1 – 3 opened up into one giant floor. Three different stages will be set up for continuous music.

The stages are named “MOON STAGE”, “SHINE STAGE”, and “FATE STAGE”. Fans would have surely noticed that the stages are named after LUNA SEA songs. “MOONSTAGE” is the main stage, and “SHINE STAGE” and “FATE STAGE” will be located diagonally from it.

The first round of performing artists will be announced for “NEXT ACTION! 4.30” on April 30.

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