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E-girls’ new song, “Anniversary!!”. Music video played over 3 million times. #1 on iTunes

E-girls’ new single, “Anniversary!!”, was released on May 20. The music video for the song has gotten 3 million plays in just less that one month. On the day the single was released, it was the #1 song and #1 video on iTunes.

“Anniversary” is a dance rock number that overflows with a summer feel and is full of E-girls’ positive vibes. The music video takes place at a beach house near the ocean. The choreography looks as though they are jumping rope, and the fans have commented on Twitter that it is “too cute”. The way the girls seem to genuinely be having fun has seemed to resonate with the fans.

A talk app called “755” features member comments to commemorate the “Anniversary!!” release.

“It is a song that we made with HIRO-san and a wonderful production team!!!” –Aya (E-girls leader)

“This is a summer song that encourages people to live each day like it’s an anniversary. The performance is a jump rope dance, so please sing and a dance along to the choreography!” Shuuka Fujii

“The song has a strong message of living each day like it is an anniversary and making many memoires!!!” Karen Fujii

E-girls will appear on TV Asahi’s “Music Station” on May 22.

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