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[Report] Eir Aoi’s 2nd show of Japan tour in Tokushima. “The feeling that ‘I’ve returned’”

Eir Aoi held the second of her two Tokushima shows for "Eir Aoi LIVE TOUR 2015-BEYOND THE LAPIS-" “one-man” tour at GRINDHOUSE on May 20 (Saturday). We are bringing you a backstage report of the event.

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This nine-show tour is in promotion for Aoi’s latest single, “Lapis Lazuli”, which has been #1 on the Recochoku anime chart for three consecutive weeks, and #1 on the “mora” aggregate monthly chart. Her live house tour that is leading up to her solo Budokan concert in November allows people to experience her show up close and personal. Aoi digitally released “Bright Future” just before the tour and will release her third album “D’AZUR” on June 24. BARKS will cover all nine shows of the tour.

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■[Report - Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE]
■"More valuable time"

The exciting first day at Sendai Darwin was brought to you in a previous report. The Tokushima show continued with that energy.

Aoi did several interviews between the two shows because of her June 24 release of her third album, “D’AZUR”. Her Music Station performance has greatly increased her popularity, but nothing has changed in her personality. She is always natural and makes the people around her feel warm.

Aoi and her band members arrived on the 29th, the day before the show. Bassist Katsuhiko Kurosu was to arrive on a different flight. The five of them started taking Twitter photos as soon as they arrived at Tokushima airport.

They then boarded the bus and headed to the hotel for check-in. Next was dinner with the tour staff. Those who read the Sendai report should know that Aoi is very interested in food and eats a lot. The band members also eat a lot. This evening, they want to a Yakiniku barbecue restaurant that “they always go to when the are in Tokushima”. The dinner ended after consuming Awa chicken and Awa beef. Or so we thought. They then went to a ramen place!? I was shocked at the turn of events. Perhaps this is where that powerful performance comes from.

On the day of the event, Aoi was at the Tokushima Animate from the morning for an album reservation event. Meeting fans directly and signing autographs becomes her vitality and makes her performances and other music activities even better.

When Aoi arrives at club GRINDHOUSE, the support members are already in the venue having a laugh in front of the catering. The catering and gifts in Tokushima are quite diverse and extravagant. You can hear the unity of the team with conversations like “Did you eat this?” and “This is really delicious!”

Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE is located downtown very close to the JR Awatomida station. The 250-capacity venue was packed even before the start of the show at 17:00. Aoi performed her singles as well as songs off of “D’AZUR”. This was Aoi’s first “one-man” show in Tokushima, but the teamwork of the band and the screaming crowd helped fuel the energy. In the green room, Aoi seemed satisfied with her performance and commented below:

“This is my first “one-man” show in Tokushima, but I feel like ‘I returned’, because I have been here several time. It was a fun and precious time for me.” –Eir Aoi

Team Eir Aoi boarded the night bus and head toward Kanazawa where they would play their show on the 31st.

■First World Tour "Eir Aoi WORLD TOUR 2015 -ROCK THE WORLD -!"
Starting in Paris, France in July
Check the official site for details.

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