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Mayuyu and Akihabara, Ame Yoko, Tokyo Tower? “’DEAI NO TSUZUKI’ NO TSUZUKI” panel exhibition confirmed

Mayu Watanabe will release her fifth solo single, “DEAI NO TSUZUKI”, on June 10. The alternate artwork, “’DEAI NO TSUZUKI’ NO TSUZUKI”, will be displayed for a week at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (Tokyo) and TSUTAYU EBISUBASHI (Osaka), starting on June 9. A handout session for the alternate artwork will be held at Shibuya Tower records on June 11 and at Lalapoart Toyosu on June 12.

◆Mayu Watanabe "encounter of continued" image

The theme of the CD cover is based on a chance meeting at the Shibuya scramble intersection. The alternate artwork continues the theme. Ayuyu went and shot in Akihabara, Ueno, Tokyo station, Ginza, and at the Tokyo Tower. There are 2 patterns for each location, for a total of 10 patterns.

There are also mini-concerts scheduled for the handout sessions. These will be great opportunities to hear the new song first hand.

Mayu Watanabe "DEAI NO TSUZUKI short ver."

Mayu Watanabe "DEAI NO TSUZUKI drama "TATAKAU! SHOTEN Girl" special ver. (Short Edition)"

Mayu Watanabe "ONNA NO KO NARA ‘Avail’ special ver. (Short Edition)"

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