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the GazettE: Official site of [PROJECT: DARK AGE] shrouded in mystery

the GazettE announced “PROJECT: DARK AGE” at their March 10 Nippon Budokan concert. The official website was launched on June 15.

◆the GazettE "PROJECT: DARK AGE" - image

the GazettE has made several announcements after their 2015 Nippon Budokan concert. They will release their first album in two years, titled “DOGMA”, in August and start in September. They are also scheduled to start their 42-show Japan tour, titled , in December.

“PROJECT: DARK AGE" are mysterious keywords that were announced along with the announcements mentioned above. This project shines the light on 8 sections of 18 top creators that produce high quality work behind-the-scenes for the GazettE.

The project concept by writer Yuichi Masuda, a member of “PROJECT: DARK AGE”, was also revealed.

“People cannot live alone. The existence of one thing is dictated by the things surrounding it. This is also true of the GazettE’s music”.

The above words are just a portion of the whole text, but it can be read in its entirety at the PROJECT: DARK AGE official website. It seems that there is more news to be announced on June 19.

◆PROJECT:DARK AGE official site
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