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“MEZAMASHI Live” 16 first round of artists include AAA, Sakurako Ohara, and IKIMONOGAKARI

“Odaiba YUME TAIRIKU ~Dream MEGA NATSU MATSURI~” is a giant Fuji TV event that will be held over 45 days from July 18 to August 31. The first round of artists for “MEZAMASHI Live”, which is held within the event, was just announced.

◆“MEZAMASHI Live” first round artists - image

“MEZAMASHI Live” welcomes its eighth year in 2015 and will be held at the OMATSURI Land special stadium every day. 16 artists, including Naoto Inti Raimi (first day), BLUE ENCOUNT and DISH// (first time), AAA, and IKIMONOGAKARI were announced.

Let’s have fun at “MEZAMASHI Live”, which will feature over 50 artists over the summer.


▲Sakurako Ohara


“MEZAMASHI Live” first round of performing artists
July 18 (Saturday) Naoto Inti Raymi
July 19 (Sunday) GRANRODEO
July 20 (Monday) Team SHACHIHIKO
July 21 (Tuesday) May J.
July 23 (Thursday) IKIMONOGAKARI
July 24 (Friday) Sakurako Ohara
July 24 (Friday) HY
July 25 (Saturday) Def Tech
July 26 (Sunday) DISH//
July 27 (Sunday) BLUE ENCOUNT
July 28 (Tuesday) SHIRITSU Ebisu CHUUGAKU
July 29 (Wednesday) AAA
July 30 (Thursday) Gacharic Spin
July 30 (Thursday) Silent Siren
August 7 (Friday) LiSA
August 9 (Sunday) Funky Kato

※Times are TBD. For more information, check the Odaiba YUME TAIRIKU official site.

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