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SOLIDEMO: 2 consecutive top 5 releases “We love all the fans!!”

SOLIDEMO’s fourth single, “Girlfriend” (insert song for “TATAKAU! SHOTEN Girl” starring Mayu Watanabe (AKB48) and Izumi Inamori), made it on the top 5 of the singles ranking as of June 29. The group members took to LINE to tell their fans of their joy.

■Message from Akito Tejima

“I’m sincerely happy that we are #5 on the Oricon weekly chart!! Putting out a CD is neither easy nor a privilege. We were able release a new song and be #5 because of all of our fans. I’m so happy! (” _ “) I’m so grateful to everybody who is involved with SOLIDEMO! Thank you very much (^ ^)”

■Message from Tomoya Yamaguchi

“We were able to do this because our fans have supported us! I don’t believe we could have done this alone. I’m full of gratitude! We wish for happiness for everybody who is involved with SOLIDEMO! We will continue to work hard! Lastly! We are SOLIDEMO because of all of our fans. We hope you continue to support us in the future!”

■Message from Hiroyuki Kimata

“I am so happy that we were able to do this because of you!!! We will become artists that will entertain you even more and make you even happier. Thank you for your support!!”

■Message from Yuki Nakayama

“#5 on the Oricon weekly chart. I’m very happy and thankful that we got this with the fans that supported us! Thank you very much!!”

■Message from Sawaki Keiichi

“We were able to be #5 because of the support of our fans! We will work hard so that as many people as possible will hear “Girlfriend” and other SOLIDEMO songs!”

■Message from Kazuya Sasaki

“#5!! Thank you very much! Thank you to everybody who supported us. We earned this ranking with all of you! We will continue to deliver our songs of friendship to everybody! Thank you for your support!”

■Message from Takeshi Mukaiyama

“It was a nerve-racking weekly chart, but with a great result. It’s because all of you supported us!! Thank you very much!! We will continue to deliver our music to you so that you may be happy and smile! Thank you very much!! I love all of you fans!!”

■Message from Schnell

Thank you to all of the SOLIDEMO supporters and everybody involved. We will not forget our feeling of gratitude and will continue to aim to be a group that you all love. Thank you for your continued support!!”

SOLIDEMO broke their own record with this release. Their last single, “Rafflesia” (opening theme to “First Class”) sole 18,000 units, and this one sold 19,000. This is SOLIDEMO’s second consecutive top five release.

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