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Ringo Sheena, “KAMISAMA, HOTOKESAMA” double A-side single & Japan hall tour

Ringo Sheena will release a double A-side single titled “NAGAKU MIJIKAI MATSURI / KAMISAMA, HOTOKESAMA” on August 5. The artwork and new visuals were just released.

Both songs are huge tie-ups with commercials. The first song, “NAGAKU MIJIKAI MATSURI”, is used in the 2015 summer campaign commercial for Coca Cola and will air nationwide on June 29. The other song, “KAMISAMA, HOTOKESAMA”, is currently being aired as the commercial song for “isai vivid” au smartphone.

“NAGAKU MIJIKAI MATSURI” is a dance tune with Brazilian spice and Edo flavor. The commercial is currently up on YouTube, and a portion of the song can be previewed. Shiina’s good friend Shuto Mukai of ZAZEN BOYS takes part in “KAMISAMA, HOTOKESAMA”, their first collaborative song. A special “NAGAKU MIJIKAI MATSURI / KAMISAMA, HOTOKESAMA” website was just been launched. Release information and new video will be available here.


The new cover art and visuals feature “NEBUTA” traditional Japanese summer festival imagery. The image of Shiina in a captivating costume in front of the Best Production Award winning “OMA NO TENPIGAMI SENRIGAN TO NATA” from the 2014 Aomori NEBUTA MATSURI has a huge impact.

A Japan hall tour was announced along with the new release. The 11-city, 18-show “Ringo Shiina TO AITSURA GA YUKU HYAKKI YAKO” tour will start at Olympus Hall Hachioji on October 14 and will end at Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall on December 20. The new CD single will include priority ticket reservation privileges so check it out.

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