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MISIA’s new song is the theme for “S-SAIGO NO KEIKAN” movie. Osamu Mukai raves, “It is an amazing song”

MISIA does the theme song for “S-SAIGO NO KEIKAN- DAKKAN RECOVERY OF OUR FUTURE”, which premiers on August 29.

MISIA’s new song, “NAGAREBOSHI”, will be used as the theme song. This song was performed for the first time on her “HOSHIZORA NO Live VIII MOON JOURNEY” Japan tour. Takayuki Hattori arranged the song, and the gentle lyrics go along with the movie’s feel and script. It was newly recorded with a huge orchestra.

MISIA says, “’NAGAREBOSHI’ talks about each sparkling life. During the recording, I felt like I was talking and telling a story rather than singing. I’m looking very forward to the movie.”

“S-SAIGO NO KEIKAN” became popular as a manga comic and then became a TV drama that aired from January to March 2014. It got very high ratings, and a movie deal was confirmed even before the show was broadcast. MISIA did the theme song for the TV drama as well. The drama theme song, “BOKUWA Pegasus KIMIWA Polaris”, like “NAGAREBOSHI”, was written based on the original comic. “Unwavering hope and deep love” was the message MISIA wanted to convey through the song.”

Producer Han Choru, who used MISIA’s song, commented, “I asked for a song would gently embraces people who risk their lives to protect others. I cried when I first heard this song at the end of the movie. From TV drama to movie, “S-SAIGO NO KEIKAN” needs MISIA’s songs to finish the story. That’s how important the song is the movie. I am very grate for this amazing song.”

Lead actor Osamu Mukai said, “It is a warm and gentle song that follows up on the TV drama. I feel that the song embraces important people in your life. It is an amazing song that supports the feelings of the people who fight in the movie.”

“NAGAREBOSHI” will be released as a digital single on July 8. Author Ellie Omiya did the artwork for the release.

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