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Nanase Aikawa’s 20th debut anniversary. Tetsuro Oda at “Nanase NO HI” concert. DOBUROKKU makes a surprise appearance.

Nanase Aikawa, who celebrates her 20th debut anniversary in 2015, just held “Nanase NO HI” at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST, on July 7.

◆“NANASE'S DAY 2015” - image

This concert is held every year, but this year, Shinya (drums), Marty Friedman (guitar), NATCHIN (bass), DIE (Key), and producer Oda Tetsuro (guitar) played in her all-star backing band. It was the 20th anniversary of the pupil.

Aikawa played her several hit songs as well as her new song, “MANGETSU NI SHOUT!” (due out on August 26) for the very first time. Fans were excited to hear these hard rock tunes that were as fresh as when she debuted 20 years ago.

Comedy duo DOBUROKKU, who Aikawa has always been a fan of, made a surprise appearance for the encore. This was made possible by a joint TV appearance from before. They made the crowd laugh with bits like “MOSHIKASHITEDAKEDO” and “••NA ONNA” with Aikawa jokes mixed in.

The two and a half hour concert ended in a warm mood. Aikawa thanked the fans, “I’m able to sing here today because all of you that gathered.” This amazing concert was made possible by an amazing backing band and amazing fans.

This “Nanase NO HI” concert will be held in Osaka on July 12.

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