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EGOIST will do all of the theme songs to “Project Itoh”, the Round 2 noitaminA movies,

EGOIST, produced by ryo (supercell), will do all of the theme songs for “Project Itoh”, the Round 2 noimtaminA movies.

“Project Itoh” was written by Keikaku Ito, who passed away prematurely at the age of 34 in 2009. It will be made into a theatrical anime in October 2015. “Project Itoh” is a collection of three works, “GYAKUSATSU KIKAN”, “Harmony”, and a 30 page preface to “SHISHA NO TEIKOKU”.

EGOIST’s song titles are “Door” (“SHISHA NO TEIKOKU”), “Reloaded” (“GYAKUSASTU KIKAN”), and “Ghost of a smile” (“Harmony”). All songs will air on “noitaminA” on the 16th.

An exclusive EGOIST fan club concert, titled “EGOIST showcase *003 "createrecreate"” will be held at CLUB CITTA Kawasaki on August 23. Tickets have gone on sale for paying fan club members.

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