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Sakanaction’s Ichiro Yamaguchi directs a fishing-themed music video for “Holy Dance”, his directorial debut

Sakanaction will release a limited Blu-ray & DVD, titled “NATSUKASHII TSUKIWA ATARASHII TSUKI ~Coupling & Remix works~”, on August 5. The music video for “Holy Dance”, featured on the Blu-ray/DVD, was just released. Ichiro Yamaguchi (vocals & guitar) makes his directorial debut with this video.

◆Sakanaction "Holy Dance" - music video

“Holy Dance” is the coupled song to the “Identity” single that was released in August 2010. It is a big hit at their concerts. This video came about from the fact that Yamaguchi’s hobby is fishing. It also shows the struggle of not being able to go fishing because he can’t write songs.

The video captures Yamaguchi’s wild ideas uniquely. Three high school girls in uniform perform a beautiful dance. A woman dressed in black does a contemporary dance. Yamaguchi stands motionless among many other people listening to headphones. It is a surreal and chaotic video that combines these different elements into the theme of “fishing”

▲Coupling & Remix Collection Album "NATSUKASHII TSUKIWA ATARASHII TSUKI ~Coupling & Remix works~" Limited Edition

▲Coupling & Remix Collection Album "NATSUKASHII TSUKIWA ATARASHII TSUKI ~Coupling & Remix works~" Regular Edition

◆Sakanaction official site

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